I've been back on the Music Scene since 2017. Life finally put me back in the position to do what I’ve always dreamed of. So, after a 25 year layoff, I’m back at it. Been doing a lot of Recording and Sending Songs out to Radio. I’ve been Very fortunate to hook up with some amazing Writers. All of the releases have done very well on Airplay. I’ve even had a few #1 Songs on various Charts. Also , received the Academy of Western Artists- Pure Country Song of the Year in 2021. We’re Currently in the process of finishing the last songs. For my 1st Album. Super excited to see how it turns out. All the while trying to play wherever I can. I’ve been in the right place at the right time. Being able to Open for some Very Accomplished Artists. Billy Jo Royal, David Ball, David Lee Murphy, Neil McCoy, T Graham Brown over the Years. We are looking for 2023 Bookings.

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